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We’re taking positive action for our climate

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Mark Griffiths

Mark Griffiths

November 29, 2023

Anyone working in the workplace and facilities management sector can see what a significant role in tackling climate change our sector is delivering this day after day. This can be seen when you just think about some of the impressive projects that have featured at the IWFM Impact Awards over the last few years, let alone the wider workplace and FM sector. 

 There’s no doubt about it, we as a global society have a lot more to do – and a lot less time than we wish to do it – if we want to hand over a healthy, sustainable planet to our future generations. But it is heartening to see the commitment shown by committed teams in our sector, filled with talented people who are enthusiastic about delivering change and guiding organisations to take on more demanding environmental responsibilities.

 One of the many benefits of my role as chair of judges is the annual immersion in various operational innovations and strategic thinking that come from our sector. Without fail, there is something to excite us about the work being done to bring about positive climate action. Of course, we have specific categories in the awards devoted to positive climate action. But other entries in other categories increasingly seem to tap into this fundamental focus.

Of significant importance for many is the commitment to tracking, measuring and reducing scope 1, 2 and – the more challenging – 3 emissions. This is an essential way for the sector to take control of supply chain management in an environmentally impactful manner. It is also a chance to do good while furthering the reach of our profession.

So whether it’s a specific solar installation or the rolling out a multi-factored, organisational-wide decarbonisation strategy, we can safely say the sector is up for the challenge.  
(This article first appeared in Facilitate Magazine November-December 2023).
Mark Griffiths

Mark Griffiths


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